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Quick Hits: Garoppolo ready to 'embrace the history of the organization'

Jimmy G has landed in LV.

The Raiders' new quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo met with the media Friday morning after signing with the team as a free agent.

The 31-year-old spent the last six seasons with the 49ers, totaling 13,599 passing yards, 82 touchdowns and the highest career completion percentage in 49ers history (67.6 percent). Garoppolo, a nine-year vet, noted he's ready to "turn the page" to the next chapter of his life in the Silver and Black.

Read through for some of the best quotes from Garoppolo's introductory press conference.

On conversations with new Raiders teammates:

"I've actually met a couple of guys in here the last couple of days. Andre James, saw him walking through. Character of a guy, I like him so far. Talked to Davante and Maxx, they were the first two to text me when it first all started happening. I'm excited to meet everyone else though."

On Head Coach Josh McDaniels:

"He's very smart. Taught me the game of football, basically, in the NFL. But he cares, too, about the game. He cares about the game. He cares about winning. You can really tell, just talking to him, that winning is important to him, and I wouldn't say that's true about everyone in the NFL. When you do get an opportunity like that, it's hard to pass up."

On coming back to McDaniels' offense:

"Revamping my mind is the first step and then just relearning the language. It's basically like going Spanish to French, something like that, and it won't take long. I think Josh's offense, obviously, has evolved over the years and just got to pick it up as quickly as possible."

On what he feels he brings to the team:

"I'm trying to bring an energy. Trying to get everyone on the same page, get everyone rolling in the same direction. Like I said before, I'm trying to earn it. Just because I'm the quarterback, I'm not the leader because of that. I want to be the leader because guys respect me and believe in me. I think that starts with hard work and so, I'll try to do that as much as I can."

On his impressions of the Raiders franchise:

"Growing up, I didn't know a whole ton about the Raiders, grew up in Chicago. The only thing I knew about the Raiders was [from] my dad. He was a Bears fan, but he also liked the Raiders. He always said they were the cool team. They were the team that everyone wanted to cheer for. The bad asses. ... I can remember Ken Stabler, guys like that. Just hard-nosed guys. It was cool."

On the history of the Raiders organization:

"I don't know everything about the Raiders yet, but I want to embrace the culture, embrace the history of this organization. The players that I've seen on the walls here is really cool. I get a kick out of history. It's going to be fun going forward. I just can't wait to immerse myself in it."

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View photos of new Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in action. In 74 games, Garoppolo has completed 1,167 passes for 14,289 yards and 87 touchdowns.

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