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Quick Hits: GM Dave Ziegler's assessment of Rounds 2 & 3

Day 2 of the 2023 Draft has wrapped, with the Raiders adding three more players to the roster in TE Michael Mayer, DT Byron Young and WR Tre Tucker.

General Manager Dave Ziegler once again met with the media at the conclusion of Round 3, giving insight on the Silver and Black's picks. Read through for some of the best quotes from his press conference.

On TE Michael Mayer:

"The fact that he was still there [at No. 35] was a very exciting moment for us. He was one of the top 15 players on our board just in totality. To be able to get a guy like Michael, tight end, good size – unique thing about him is his short-area quickness. He's a bigger guy but he still has, when you watch the tape, the ability to win in a short area. He can win on third down, use his size in the red zone. Excellent traits, very smart."

On how he sees Mayer contributing:

"When I talk about rookies, all of them are going to have to come in and earn their role. There's a lot of transitions that go on in doing that. His skill set, he has a skill set to come in and make an impact for us in Year 1. How far that goes, I'm not going to put any expectations on him to say he's going to be this or that, but definitely feel like he can come in and make an impact for us in the passing game."

On DT Byron Young:

"Big, physical kid. Long arms. He does a really nice job of being able to create leverage inside and control running lanes. ... Because of his length, it makes it hard for a lot of those guards to handle him inside. We see him being able to play inside. We also see him being able to bump out and play big end for us in some of our different defensive packages. Saw him as a versatile guy on early downs."

On WR Tre Tucker:

"Tre has a lot of speed. He has a lot of versatility offensively, just in terms of a receiver that can play the receiver position. There's also, because of his speed, a gadget element to him that he can be used in getting him the ball in space. ... We really studied him a lot and just as a receiver, think he has the ability to win. He's a tough matchup because of his short-area quickness."

On Tucker's smaller size:

"The thing that comes to my mind when I think of Tre is that he plays bigger than his size. Tre was also a high school wrestler in my hometown area of Akron, Ohio. Going back and looking at his background from high school all the way through college, always had an edge, always had a chip on his shoulder."

On evaluating picks who have played in important games:

"Seeing guys perform at a high level in some of the bigger moments that they get to experience at the college level definitely has an impact. The thing about college football is you try to see how players perform against the top level competition that they face. Some guys, depending on the conference, that works differently. ... For some guys, it's at the Senior Bowl or the East-West Game or one of these other All-Star games."

On Day 3 and potentially picking players for the secondary:

"There's still some players in that area that we like. The draft obviously falls in different ways, in different directions. We knew once we worked through the draft that there were going to be some areas that you're going to still want to fill or still want to grow – whether that's through the draft or college free agency or beyond. I think we still see some good players that are there in the secondary and we'll obviously have to see how the board falls."

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the 2023 NFL Draft.

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