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Raiders Mailbag: What's in store for the Raiders offense against the Patriots?

David Roof asks:

"We ever going to score more than 17 in a game?"

The offense is still working to put together a complete package.

Coming off a 17-13 victory, the Raiders produced two touchdowns from Meyers and Josh Jacobs, however took a backseat to defense that forced three turnovers on the Packers. While the defense has held offenses to a total of 20 second-half points over the past three games, the offense has yet to score more than 20 points in a game. There's reason for optimism moving forward though, as more players started getting in the mix Monday.

While Davante Adams, Meyers and Jacobs have made up for 75 percent of the team's receptions, more players than ever were involved in the offense last Monday. Jimmy Garoppolo completed over 70 percent of his passes, with seven different receivers catching those passes. As the Raiders continue to spread out their offense, opportunities for points will likely follow.

"We've got to do a lot of things a little bit better. There's no one answer," Josh McDaniels said. "We've had stretches where we've run the ball well. We've had stretches where we've thrown it well. We've had stretches where we've protected well. We've had stretches where we've scored in the red zone. And then we have just enough plays here and there to stop us from really getting into a consistent rhythm.

"The good is that the fight and the effort is there and that we haven't played our best. We know that as coaches and players, we want to try to do everything we can every week to try to improve and hopefully, our best is in front of us."

Steve Elliott asks:

"How much influence does Mick Lombardi have in play-calling and game planning?"

Along with helping Coach McDaniels put together a game plan every week to combat defenses, I've often observed Lombardi at practice working with all position groups, especially the wide receivers and tight ends. He was previously the Patriots wide receivers coach before coming to Las Vegas, playing a huge role in the progression of Jakobi Meyers and a few of New England's receivers the Raiders will face this Sunday.

"I think coaching in the NFL, nothing is easy about it," Lombardi said Wednesday afternoon. "On a week-to-week basis, we play well-coached defenses every week. We try and put our players in the best position to win and you try to preach the main goals you want to try and get accomplished."

"I think overall, just having exposure with a lot of guys who've been here before, they kind of know what to expect," continued Lombardi. "We just did the scouting report on New England and they were all locked in. They knew what we were going to cover, they knew who we were going to go over in the game plan. I think their dedication and their anticipation of what we're going to say to them and how we're going to say it to them has been something that's been easier in Year 2."

Dwayne D. Hays says:

"Look at how our defense has played since the second half of the Chargers game. I think our coordinator is doing good for them."

Things are certainly clicking for Patrick Graham and his unit. The Raiders haven't surrendered a point in the fourth quarter of their last three games. Maxx Crosby's leadership and effort has also been on full display, winning AFC Defensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Packers.

Outside of Crosby, reliable pass rushing from Malcolm Koonce, Jerry Tillery and Bilal Nichols has opened up opportunities for the secondary and linebackers to create turnovers. The unit has produced four interceptions over the past two weeks.

The Silver and Black defense could be due for another dominant showing against a Patriots offense that's scored the least amount of points in the NFL so far this season.

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