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Q&A with Dylan Parham ranging from his on-field strengths, his go-to food spots and his favorite rappers

Shortly after Dylan Parham's NFL dreams came true, he was still processing it all as he began his first virtual media tour as a Raider.

The Carrollton, Georgia, native was surrounded by his friends and family in an Airbnb home he rented in Atlanta for his draft party when he was selected by the Silver and Black with the 90th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

While in the midst of celebrating the life accomplishment, Parham joined's Levi Edwards over Zoom to discuss his initial thoughts of Las Vegas and what he believes he can bring to the Raiders, as well as giving some of his favorite places to go when he played for the Memphis Tigers.

Levi Edwards: What do you think is the biggest asset you bring to the Las Vegas Raiders?

Dylan Parham: I would say my flexibility. Being able to go out there and help that team, whether it needs to be at the guard position for that game or I need to slide in for a center. I want to be able to play at a high level at any of those positions. I feel like I already do a great job at that, me showing I can play at right guard and right tackle the past two seasons. Just being able to play those two positions at a high level and then showcasing myself at the center position at the Senior Bowl. I've been able to show a lot of different things and I feel like that's one of the things they really value about myself. So I'm just going to make sure I continue to work center really heavy and work guard and be able to play both at a high level so I can come in and compete and help this team.

LE: How familiar were you with Las Vegas before being drafted to the Raiders?

DP: Truly, I don't have an ideal image of Vegas. Of course, I'm ready to learn and explore, and that's what I'm most excited for, I'm about to go venture out into a new area. When I was training for the draft in California, I said, 'This is a new area for me,' so being able to do the exact same thing and being able to continue to play football amongst a group of some really great guys, it's going to be a great experience.

LE: In order to gain over 60 pounds to transition into an offensive lineman, I know it took a lot of eating. What were some of your go-to food spots while you were in Memphis?

DP: Truthfully, I'm a really big Papa John's person. I like the stuffed crust. When they first introduced that, it was something I was really big on. I used to go there every other week. [Memphis] has a nice fried rice place called Tokyo Grill. And there's a taco truck – it's the best tacos I ever had in my entire life, it's called TACOnganas. Shout out to them, because they do a really great job. I was introduced to them right in the middle of COVID. And of course, Memphis is known for its barbecue, so I would have to say my top spot for barbecue is Corky's. Their BBQ nachos are amazing. 10/10, would recommend. Memphis is a really big wing place too.

LE: With you being from Carrolton, GA – Atlanta is a great wing place as well. What's your go-to wing order when you're in Atlanta?

DP: 10-15 piece BBQ Lemon Pepper wet with seasoned fries. If they got the peach drink or the lemonade, I'll get that. That's when I'm in Atlanta though. If I'm in Memphis, they do the whole wings and I'll get a 7-piece Honey Gold BBQ with seasoned fries and lemonade.

LE: I must ask you – are you a big hip-hop guy?

DP: I would say pretty big.

LE: With that being asked, give me your rundown on your personal Mount Rushmore of Atlanta-based rappers.

DP: I would say Tip. All-time?

LE: All-time.

DP: Then probably Future, Young Thug and I got to say Lil Baby. I know he hasn't been in the game for awhile, but Baby been coming with it, man. He's hard.

LE: Lastly, how much has your family meant to you in your journey to the NFL?

DP: They've been here every step of the way. I joke about it but from the first time, when I didn't even know how to put my shoulder pads and my thigh pads on, they were always there helping me and keeping my head on straight and pushing me. I never knew what football could be for me and they always wanted me to be involved in everything, 100 percent. Whether it was football, basketball or track, they always wanted me to try everything. And once I continued to push, they just stood beside me and they helped me with school, and when it came down to make that decision, they've been by my side. They've always been there for me, and not even just in football, but in life. I appreciate everything they've done for me and we've finally made it to a really good spot. Now, it's time to just get ready to rock 'n roll.

With the 90th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select guard Dylan Parham.

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