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Quarterback Derek Carr: "I Give All Those Guys The Credit"

The Oakland Raiders will square off against the Washington Redskins this Sunday in a primetime bout, as Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins lead their teams on the gridiron. The Silver and Black are currently 2-0, while the Redskins are 1-1, and will duke it out in what's sure to be a battle. Wednesday, Carr recapped Sunday's win over the New York Jets, but also looked ahead to this weekend's featured matchup.

Here are the quick hits from his media session:

Sunday, Carr finished with the best completion percentage of his career (82.1 percent), and he explained why.

"The O-line, and the wide outs, running backs picking up blitzes. With the way we're able to pick up blitzes, we're able to hit go-routes for touchdowns, we're able to push the ball on deep. [Michael] Crabtree going across the middle on a deep route a couple times. You know, without them doing their job, I can't do it by myself. Everyone gives the quarterback credit and all those things because you always touch the ball, but I give all those guys the credit."

No. 4 talked about what he's seen from his newest right tackle, Marshall Newhouse.

"He's very athletic for how big he is. You can really see it from some of our stretch plays. When he's on the backside having to cut people off, the way he can open up and run, he's really special in his athleticism. Obviously, [General Manager] Mr. [Reggie] McKenzie knew him beforehand, so he knew what he had in him. Ever since he's shown up here, he's just shown us that, it's like everybody on this team, no matter what coach asks us to do, we're going to do it with everything that we have because that's the culture that we've built here and he's the prime example of that."

He shared what he's observed from second-year running backs Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington.

"The same as any guys from their first year to their second year. Mentally they can see the run happen before they actually get the ball. They can see how it's going to play out. The game slows down, the holes open up a little bit slower for them. They can see it beforehand, those kind of things. So, that's just running the ball. Now in protection-wise, they were both pretty good last year mentally, and they've taken another step forward this year in that."

Carr opened up about some of the advice he gave rookie cornerback Gareon Conley, something that was passed on to him from Charles Woodson.


A look at the best images from the Raiders Week 2 game against the New York Jets.


"He went out there and I thought that he did really well. He gave up the comeback, which will haunt him, because any rookie DB dreams of no one ever catching a ball on them which is how they should be. But he did give that up and I just told him, 'Man, I'm going to tell you what [Charles Woodson] 'C-Wood' told me anyway. I don't care if they push off, do whatever, I don't care what they do. Just make the play.' That's the same thing C-Wood would tell me. I'd be like, 'But Wood, he jumped the route. There's nothing I could…' [Woodson would say] 'Complete it. I don't care.' (laughter) That was Wood for you."

He discussed the talent of Redskins cornerback Josh Norman, and the challenges he presents.

"He's a heck of a player. Their whole defense is loaded, obviously. I have nothing but respect for Norman. I think he's one of the best players in this league, but again like I said, we're playing one of the best, we're playing a young guy, we're playing other guys, it really doesn't matter. I have to go through my reads. Now you're aware of what he can do and where he's at, so you don't want to be stupid with the ball, but you just go through your reads and just play football."

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