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Quarterback Derek Carr: "It Has To Be Next Man Up"


Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was pleased with the team's win on Sunday, for obvious reasons, and played a significant role in the victory, as he completed 18 of 24 passes for 253 yards, and two touchdowns. This week, the Silver and Black will host the New York Giants, who are struggling to produce points, and just named Geno Smith their starting quarterback. Wednesday, Carr met with the media to talk about the matchup, and the team's preparation leading up to it.

Here are the quick hits from his time at the podium:

Carr talked about helping the wide receivers get up to speed in the absence of Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper.

"It has to be next man up. At the same time, I do need to spend extra time with them because the guys that get all the reps usually with me, are 'Coop' and 'Crab.' Seth gets a lot of reps with me, C.P. on certain things, Johnny [Holton] on certain things. But now we have to make sure we get them all of those reps that sometimes they wouldn't get with me."

No. 4 gave credit to the Giants stout defensive line.

"They have a lot of juice. Nothing but respect for those guys. I think they're fantastic players. I think they're some of the best at their position in the whole NFL. When you see that, there's a lot of things that go into winning. You can't just put it in, 'They have this group of guys, why aren't they winning?' You never know. You never know what's going on in the building and things like that. I just know that when I turn the film on, I know what I see and I know that they're really good."

He discussed the importance and versatility of tight end Jared Cook.

"We've played him at tight end. We've played him at different spots in the wing and things like that. To answer the question, it's fantastic because you need to have weapons. Especially when things like this happen. I know that on the team we're playing, they've lost a lot of weapons. It's hard just trying to go about your business and things like that. So when you have a lot of weapons, it's nice that when injuries or suspension or anything like that happens, we can still play football and move forward."

Carr said that wide receiver Seth Roberts is always working hard trying to hone his craft.

"Seth is very quiet, but you can always see him making jokes. He has his sly way of communicating and things like that. He's very, very how do you say, he works really hard. Good or bad. You'll always see him at practice. Especially at training camp and things like that. If we're doing a drill or the defense is doing a drill, whatever, he's always in the back catching balls from somebody."

He commented on his My Cause My Cleats and what they represent.

"Mine are for Valley Children's Hospital. That's where my wife and I, our oldest son, Dallas, he had three surgeries there. They helped save his life. To have a place that was right there. I still call it Fresno, but right there in Madero. Just 10 minutes from the house. We were blessed and fortunate to have a place like that just that close."

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