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Quarterback Derek Carr: "We're All Pretty Upset"


Quarterback Derek Carr

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr didn't have his best performance Sunday, but he'll have to rebound in a hurry this weekend against the Dallas Cowboys. Carr met with the media Wednesday afternoon to kick off Week 15, and while he has his attention focused on this weekend's primetime showdown on Sunday Night Football, he spent a majority of the time recapping the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here are the quick hits from his press conference:

Carr expressed how the team felt following Sunday's loss to the Chiefs.

"I think we're all pretty upset. If you're not, then you're obviously not putting enough into it. If you're wanting to point a finger or those kind of things, I don't think that that's right either. If you're upset with yourself and you're upset that you didn't win the game, I still stand by how I felt, man. I was hot to be honest. I put way too much effort into this to go out there and not play my best. I was prepared, saw their coverage easily. All those things like I said after the game, I still stand by it. But yeah, I was definitely upset."

No. 4 stated that part of the issue offensively has been the attention to detail.

"I think that's been a difference the whole year, to be honest. Details of things have definitely been a thing for our team. I don't know defensively, I just speak on the offensive side because that's all I know. On the offensive side is the details of things is probably the biggest part."

He talked about why he hasn't been able to connect on as many deep passes as last year.

"We'd have to watch the film and see some things on tape to do all that. Each play is its own beast so I'm not going to just a whole broad scope. If we went and watched the film, I'm sure that we could sit there together, and I'd be able to describe to you what happened. All those things. We just don't have that kind of time."

Carr shared how he leads in a tough situation like the one the team currently finds itself in.

"You know, for me, the best thing when times are hard, you don't really have to say much. True character reveals itself. When times are hard or it doesn't go your way or you think something else should have happened. Again, pointing fingers and all those things, true character reveals itself. That kind of stuff has a way of working itself out."

He discussed how often he checks the playoff picture.

"Honestly, I hear about it the most when I talk to you guys, to be honest because, it sounds so cliché, but if you don't worry about just that week, none of it matters. We have Dallas coming in, they're a good football team especially on defense and we have our work cut out for us."

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