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Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "The Primary Focus Is On Buffalo"


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

It's been a few days since Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio spoke with the media, but Monday afternoon he was back at the team's facility in Alameda, Calif., to recap Thursday's win over the Kansas City Chiefs. With Week 7 in the rearview mirror, Del Rio touched on the performance of the offense and defense, as well as looked ahead to the tough task they face this Sunday in the Buffalo Bills.

Here are the quick hits from his press conference:

Del Rio talked about how the extra time in between games gives the team some added time for preparation.

"Treat it as a mini Bye for the players. Coaches, we get a jump on Buffalo and get busy on preparation. Got a big East Coast swing right now with going to Buffalo and then stay on the East Coast and play the Dolphins, much like we did last [year]. Putting all that together, but the primary focus is on Buffalo. Kind of going forward from last week's big game."

He was impressed by the performance from linebacker NaVorro Bowman in his first start.

"That's a pretty cool story for NaVorro to come in and the work that [linebackers coach] Sal Sunseri, the extra time they spent getting him up to speed as best they could. Focusing on the things that we would have him do in the game plan. It helped, obviously with his veteran experience and his overall knowledge of the game to begin with, to put it our terminology. Then green dot, the whole bit, called it. In some respects I think it's a little better to have the green dot because Kenny [defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.] is able to talk to him the whole time. That's an added benefit really. But pretty remarkable for him to come in and three days turn around and have that kind of performance."

Del Rio shared that he's kept an eye on other teams in the division, and recognizes that the talent discrepancy is minimal.

"Sure. I'm well aware. I'm aware of the whole league. I think this year in particular, every year kind of unfolds a little bit differently, but I think you look at – I guess parody's the word, I don't know – there's a lot of team's that are good. What separates the very best from teams that are maybe not considered as good is very little, there is very little separating the teams. It's those squads that go out and execute, stay relatively healthy and execute the best."

He commended running backs Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington on their effort in the wake of running back Marshawn Lynch's absence.

"Yeah, they don't have the size and the power but they have a little more quickness, they catch the ball a little easier, better route-runners, things like so. So, if you're playing a little more wide open, in some respects they give you a little more juice. Marshawn give you the power back when you want to finish people and in tough situations. Those guys give you more than a change of pace."

Del Rio praised the level of competition the Bills have been playing with, specifically running back LeSean McCoy.

"They're playing tough football. You've got to save something for later in the week, but I think they have as good a back as there is in the league in Shady [LeSean McCoy]. I think he's really good. They've got a couple of our guys over there. A couple of my favorites in terms of effort-filled, hardnosed, good football players that give you everything they have. Really appreciated what they brought to us and I know they're doing a nice job for them."

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