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Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "We Obviously Came In With High Hopes"

The Oakland Raiders were unable to add to their two-game winning streak, as they fell Sunday afternoon to the Kansas City Chiefs 26-15. The team struggled to get going offensively in the first half, and while they tried to make a comeback, it was too late. Following the loss, Head Coach Jack Del Rio took the podium to speak with the media.

Here are the quick hits from his media session:

Del Rio recapped what occurred in the final two minutes of the game.

"Trying to go down and score. The one at the very end, we got a ball in receiver's hands at the five yard line. They all count. I thought we had some opportunities maybe that were missed throughout the game. You can't turn the ball over, for one, and obviously we have to be more productive than we were today."

**He said the coaching staff is going to need to evaluate why the offense struggled to get going in the first half.


"That is one we have to take a look at. Bottom line: we did not. The first five drives of the first half were four punts and a pick. That is not the kind of productivity we needed today obviously."

Del Rio commented on why the team was unable to get more players involved.

"When you possess the ball, I don't know how many snaps we took in the first half, that could not have been a lot. So, when you are not converting first downs, on third down, you are not continuing to get opportunities for everybody. Being efficient, I mean the first drive, stuffed at the line, incomplete, stuffed at the line, sack, punt. You aren't really going to talk about anybody involved when you are doing it like that. You got to be able to move the ball and make first downs and possess the ball in order to get everybody the touches you would like."

He talked about the missed tackles, and how they impacted the game.

"That was a big one [in the fourth quarter] from a time standpoint when we are looking at getting the ball back and conserve time, that was a big one there. It wasn't what we would like it to be ultimately. I don't know if that was the biggest negative, certainly it was one."

Del Rio shared how the team goes forward from here.

"Go to the next game. Reprobation. Continue to control the things we can control. Effort, energy, put together plays and get ready for the Cowboys. That is what you do. That is what we do in this business. Tough one today. We obviously came in with high hopes. Everything that we wanted to accomplish in our season was in front of us and it was a big day and a big moment and we did not play well."

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