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Quick Hits: Josh McDaniels summarizes what went right and wrong against the 49ers

Head Coach Josh McDaniels addressed the media Monday morning following the Raiders' 37-34 overtime loss to the 49ers on New Year's Day.

Read through for some of the best quotes from the press conference.

On Patrick Graham and the defense:

"I see what Pat [Graham] does every day, I see what our staff does every day, I see what our players do every day. And look, football is a team game and each man on the team is not going to be created equally. Each phase of the team is not going to be identical in terms of strengths and weaknesses. That's the beauty about our sport is that you can play a team game and you can make a decision each week about what you need to do to play it right against a team that has different strengths and weaknesses then you do. ... We just tried to accept accountability for the things we can do well to help our team try to win. I think Pat's done a great job of that. Our staff has too."

On creating more turnovers:

"There's no real shortcut. You can teach certain things and you can teach techniques. You can try to create good habits, which is what we do every day at practice. That's what we're trying to get our guys to understand and learn so that when you're in the middle of the game you act subconsciously. You're not thinking about it, 'Let me try to punch the ball out.' You're just doing it because that's something that you have now learned and it's part of who you are, a part of your game. Then, there's an element I would say of instinct. That's something that sometimes you can maybe improve it a little bit, but there are certain players that have a knack for that."

On QB Jarrett Stidham:

""First of all, he's a great human being. We're blessed with a lot of those guys here, which is great. I think he gets along really well with everybody. He's a very honest guy, works really hard. Loves football. Puts a lot of time in, is one of the last guys to leave the building every single day. No doubt about it. Willing to help the minute he got here. He kind of understood his position and understood his role and has been willing to help anybody. Whether it's a guard, practice squad tight end, running back, receivers, quarterbacks, whatever. Anything that he knew that he could impart to somebody else, he was very unselfish with trying to assist anybody he could. And I think that says a lot about somebody."

On the mindset of the locker room:

"I think accountability is a good thing. Like I said, we never point fingers, we never place blame. We win and lose as a team. They all know that. They heard it from me yesterday. They're going to hear from me again today. In football, there's 190 plays, 200 plays in every game and I could point to a bunch of obsolete plays that nobody will ever remember yesterday that probably would have changed the outcome of the game. And so, to me, every player that plays 75 plays in a game has some that he would love to change the outcome and a lot that he's proud of. And so, I think that's really what yesterday was a good example of – there was plenty of good plays, a lot of good plays in many cases. And then there's some plays where you say, 'Man, I wish I could have changed the outcome or did something a little differently.' That's football."

On preparing to play the Kansas City Chiefs this Saturday:

"We're going to do the right thing with the players. We got some guys with bumps and bruises. It was a physical game yesterday. So, we're going to do the right thing in the next two days here, we'll watch the film, get treatment. ... So, we'll make sure we got our preparation ready to go. We'll do whatever we choose to do Wednesday and we'll be smart about it. It'll be Wednesday, Thursday, and then Friday we'll have a cleanup day obviously the day before the game and then get ready to roll on Saturday."

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