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Quick Hits: Raiders' new coordinators address the media for the first time in the Silver and Black

Defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi and special teams coordinator Tom McMahon met with the media Friday for an introductory press conference to discuss what they hope to bring to the Raiders in their roles.

Read through for some of the best quotes below.

Graham on the scheme he'll look to implement:

"[T]o me, the 4-3, the 3-4 discussions, I mean it's almost like it's antiquated to be honest with you. And what we're dealing with is sub, so when you talk about sub defense, do you have guys on the team that can rush the passer? Yes. Do you have guys on the team that can stop the run? Yes. Do you have guys that have shown they can cover in the past? Yes. So, to answer your question, those are the three major things I'm looking for aside from tackling. So yeah, I'm good. I'm good with that."

On the identity of his defense:

"I want it to be reflective of Josh's vision in terms of a smart, tough football team. I want that to jump off the tape. Smart, eliminate penalties. Being smart situationally, the toughness, play in the run game, our contribution on the coverage units on punt and kickoff. I want that stuff to be reflective on there. And then obviously when we're playing defense, we want to be physical. We'll be able to tackle and we're going to be able to get the ball away from the other team. I mean those are important things there in terms of just true identity. "

Lombardi on getting started with the offense:

"I'm really excited to get on the grass with those guys and kind of see what they can do well, what they can't do well, and what they need to improve on and their fundamentals. And I think that's a big thing of this offseason is, as we learn them and learn their strengths and weaknesses, teaching the fundamentals we believe in and then giving them those tools to take them to training camp and then throughout the season and just to keep developing them that in that sense."

On his relationship with Head Coach Josh McDaniels:

"I've been so grateful for him and what he's taught me in terms of playing complimentary football, teaching the techniques, coaching the entire offensive scheme, how you see things from a global perspective as opposed to just your position-specific idea. I'm so grateful for him for that and I'm going to work hard really to do that for him for the Raiders. All the things he's instilled in me over the past number of years, I'm going to try and instill that with our staff as we move forward and have our team grow in that way."

McMahon on joining the Raiders:

"Well, the biggest thing is, is the tradition. It's one of those where when you think about the Raiders, just the word Raiders brings to me physical play, brings to me guys that are going to outcompete everybody. Guys are going out effort people. We're going to play faster than everybody else, play speed."

On coming into the role with an established special teams trio:

"The only other time I've been able to do that is in Indianapolis with Adam Vinatieri, Pat McAfee and Matt Overton. So, it's nice to come in with established guys, guys that have done a great job in the league in Daniel [Carlson], AJ [Cole] and Trent [Sieg]. Stepping right in and they're ready to go."

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