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Cornerback David Amerson: "You Just Want To Get Out There And Play Fast"


Cornerback David Amerson

Two seasons ago, the Oakland Raiders claimed cornerback David Amerson via waivers, and since then he's totaled six interceptions, one touchdown, and 110 tackles. Thursday, the 25yearold talked with the media about last week's preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams, as well as some of the defense's improvements heading into this week's matchup with the Dallas Cowboys.

Here are the quick hits from his presser:

Amerson talked about the addition of Assistant Head Coach – Defense John Pagano.

"I think he's definitely added more detail to our defense, especially in the secondary and especially within the last week or so. He's definitely cleared a lot of things up for us. He's very knowledgeable at the DB position, whether it be corner or safety, and how to work together, how to play things. I think he's definitely done a great job of clearing things up, especially for younger guys."

He broke down some of the mental errors against the Rams, and how the team can improve going forward.

"I think last week was a lot of little things that guys weren't being detailed on and it ended up costing us. We just want to go out there before the season starts, luckily it's preseason and that's what you play these games for, but we want to go out there in the next game and eliminate all of the mental errors. It's one thing if a guy just beats you off a good route or doing things like that, but when you have little mistakes like your eyes not in the right place, you're beating yourself. You want to eliminate those. You want to just get out there and play fast."

Amerson shared what he's seen from safety Karl Joseph over the past year.

"He's always been a physical demon. You know he's going to come up and hit you.  I think the biggest improvement I've seen from Karl is he's a lot faster with calls and seeing stuff faster. He's getting down in his run gaps real quick, not laying back and being late and clearing it out for the corner. I'm watching him grow, as I'm playing with him. My second year with him, watching him grow and improve, he's coming along not just physically but mentally. That's the biggest step I've seen him take thus far in his second year."

**He complimented wide receiver Michael Crabtree for his strong hands, and ability to make jaw-dropping plays.


"He does a great job of making tough catches. You can be on a one-on-one play and think 'I've got this' but you've got D.C. [Derek Carr] throwing him the ball, so he's putting it in perfect spots. That's what separates Crabtree from a lot of receivers. He makes some tough catches. I can count times where I had my hand on the ball trying to rip it out but he has a real strong grip and is able to come through with the catch. That's what makes Crabtree Crabtree."

Amerson spoke about rookie cornerback Gareon Conley and how he's been coming along in his development

"He's been real in-tune to everything. Always taking notes, asking questions, paying attention outside on the practice field. I've told him and a couple of older guys have told him to stay in-tune. Control what you can control. Physically, you're hurt right now but mentally, you've got to be locked in and getting the mental reps to be prepared. He's doing all the right things. I think as far as what he can do right now, he's doing a great job."

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