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Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "It Was A Good Weekend For Us"


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

Victory Monday.

It was a much-needed win Sunday night, as the Oakland Raiders took the field at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami to face the Dolphins. The primetime showdown in South Beach featured some highlight reel plays from running back Marshawn Lynch, as well as tight end Jared Cook, but Head Coach Jack Del Rio was just happy to get a win under his belt. Less than 24 hours removed from the game, Del Rio was back at the team's facility in Alameda, Calif., to meet with the media to recap the game.

Here are the quick hits from his press conference:

Del Rio stated that it's about getting back to the fundamentals on defense, and improving the team's tackling.

"Tackling is the biggest thing. We're doing some things well. I think we've established, as a front, that we can limit some good running attacks from really running it at us. I think it started in the opener in Tennessee. I think they have a really good running offense and we showed there that we can stop the run. That's one area. When we start doing that, and then getting off on third down more regularly, I think you take a big jump. To me, what it comes down to is the tackling on the back end that has really been poor. You can't play great defense without being great tacklers. That's probably the biggest area for us."

He shared his desire to see more from the defensive line, and applying pressure to opposing quarterbacks.

"I am a little surprised we haven't been a little more effective with it. We've got good pass rushers, we need to have a little tighter coverage so that the quarterback has to hold the ball. If he's able to get it out on time and comfortably, throw it in front of us and then make guys miss and get big plays, then why would they hold onto it to look down the field? That's where I say leverage and tackling is huge for our defense."

Del Rio commented on the level of competition in the NFL, specifically the AFC West.

"I think for us, the focus wants to be about just playing well and the process of playing well and preparing and all of that. But, you can't help but look. I mean if you're a fan… Heck, I'm looking all the time. That's just the fan aspect, but the professional aspect, we have to just focus on the process of what goes into playing really well, understanding your assignment, being accountable, doing your job, basic stuff. And that's what we want to keep the focus of our attention. But certainly, being aware of the fact that it was a good weekend for us."

He spoke about how the team will manage the bye week.


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"It's going to be a lot of recovery. We will get some work in. There's some young guys that we need to continue to develop and that's important. We will do that and we'll get a little bit of a peak ahead. We'll get a little bit of a review of who we are and what we need to do better. But really, it's a lot of rest. A lot of it, the structure is established by the CBA now. There's a four-day weekend that's promised to them through the CBA. So, we'll adhere to that and usually there's a bit of a refreshing period and then get back next week."

Del Rio talked about what he's seen from cornerback Gareon Conley and safety Obi Melifonwu, as well as the rest of the rookie class.

"Those two guys are really talented. They are going to help our secondary and our secondary needs some help. That will be welcome. Eddie [Vanderdoes] has been solid all year. This is kind of a year ending kind of discussion, but I started to go here. I'll try and finish. Marquel [Lee] has been solid for us. I've been really happy with him. Shalom [Luani] has been a solid pick for us. Overall, we've had some injuries that keep it from being what it really can be. It's a good group of guys, a good group of young men."

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