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Head Coach Jack Del Rio Recaps Week 11


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

For better or worse, Week 11 is in the books, and it's all about moving forward.

Monday afternoon, Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio met with the media to break down Sunday's game in Mexico City. The Silver and Black fell to the New England Patriots 33-8, dropping their record to 4-6 in the process. It's clear that if they team wants to make the postseason, there's little to no room for mistakes going forward.

Here's a look at the quick hits from Del Rio's presser:

Even though the team is two games under .500, Del Rio believes the team will begin clicking in all three phases.

"I think it's close and I think we're capable. We just have to find that spark where it happens. I mean, I think we get three or four drops in the first half that dramatically alter the way the first half looks. Then you add in the fumble down there at the end of the half there. Those are things that when you're making them and you're clicking, the entire game changes – the way it looks, the way it feels. We weren't good enough yesterday, clearly. But as you said, you look up. Where are we? In second place in our division. We're a game off the Wild Card pace. We're two out of the division lead. There's six games left, so there's a lot of hope."

He commented on the team's defense, specifically the secondary.

"Two of our top prospects missed the first half of the year largely. [Gareon] Conley missed it and Obi [Melifonwu] is now back. Getting him caught up obviously. He played a bunch yesterday and will continue to play. Those are guys we're counting on heavily and they were hurt. That's part of our game. That's part of the National Football League. We don't make that as an excuse, but that is an issue that has been an issue. Our secondary hasn't played as well as it needs to. We're just going to keep working at it."

Del Rio discussed how the team handled the elevation at Estadio Azteca.

"Well, some of the younger guys that maybe hadn't been through that were probably the biggest problem. I mean, we were there last year, so the guys that were there they knew what we were in for. The altitude can be problematic and I think a couple of the younger guys, it was a little shocking for them. But all in all, I think we tolerated it – that part of it – OK. I wouldn't say it was great, but I think it's like anything – if it's cold, if it's the altitude, whatever it is you're feeling – if you're not playing as well as you'd like, I think you tend to pay a little more attention to it."

He talked about the team's offensive production in recent weeks.

"Talent is a part of it. I think everybody in the league has talent. I think the biggest thing is execution. Some of those like-to-have-backs, you just don't get them back. You get one crack at it. Where we've executed and converted and moved the ball, we've scored points. We haven't scored points consistently enough this year at the level that we expect."

Del Rio spoke about the pressure applied to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

"There were some times where we had a little coverage and could have had pressure. I would say that's accurate. They go hand in hand, I continue to say that. We had one sack yesterday. I think they did as well. Sacking the quarterback was not a big part of the game yesterday. They covered a little better than we did."

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