Maxx Crosby shares details of his sobriety journey with ESPN on Monday Night Football


Maxx Crosby has always been open about his struggle with addiction and journey to sobriety, but he shared even more of his experience Monday night with ESPN.

The fourth-year vet detailed how while he was dominating on the field his rookie year, he felt out of control off the field – affecting his relationships with his friends and family.

"I was doing well to the outside world," Crosby reflected. "I was just runner up for Rookie of the Year. Everyone was like, 'Maxx is killing it.' But I was wild as s---."

The moment that was his wake-up call came one morning when he was alone, covered in sweat, dehydrated from a night of drinking and feeling hopeless. Crosby shared his gratefulness that his fiancee, Rachel Washburn, helped him go to rehab and has supported him throughout, pulling him out of the place he was in.

"She knew everything that was going on and she tried to tell everybody, 'He's out of control.'"

This offseason, the defensive end signed a multi-year contract extension with the Raiders two years to the day that he entered rehab.

"I just have to keep doing the work," Crosby said. "I know it's not easy. ... I have moments where I'm irritable, discontent, things like that, but that's really all it is for me. Just staying on the right path and taking it one day at a time."

Watch the full feature below: