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Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson Shares What's Impressed Him Regarding Derek Carr

It's been four years since Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson donned the Silver and Black, but he's happy to be back. The offensive mind was brought in to aid in the development of Head Coach Jon Gruden's offense, and so far he's been impressed with the effort he's seen from his group. Following practice Tuesday, Olson met with the media to discuss Organized Team Activities.

Here are the quick hits from his press conference:

Olson talked about returning to the Raiders coaching staff.

"Coming back is a great feeling. They say once a Raider, always a Raider. I know Mark Davis has said that numerous times. I certainly appreciate the opportunity he's given me to come back here. Real excited to be back."

He divulged the biggest difference he's seen in quarterback Derek Carr since he last coached him in 2014.

"Probably in the maturity really, more than anything. Certainly, physically he's matured in the three years that I was gone. Also, I just think his knowledge of the game, he's taken that to a new level in my opinion. His knowledge of defensive schemes. Understanding how to attack different schemes that he's seeing in the passing game and also understanding protection phases. I just think his overall mental maturity has really jumped out."

Running back Doug Martin has the support of Olson, and the rest of the coaching staff.

"I would say that Jon probably, because of living in Tampa, had a chance to see a lot more of him than anybody else did. I think that probably aided in the decision. More than anything was his confidence in what he'd seen in Doug and his conversation he's had with Doug over the years while in Tampa. He was probably the driving force behind signing Doug. We're really excited about it."

He doesn't think Gruden's intensity has dropped off since the last time he coached.

"I really don't. No. The passion is unmatched. I think that he's that same person. You'd think that maybe it'd slow down over 10 years. I think he's very driven. If anything, maybe it's even stronger now. His will to win. His will to prepare. His will to present. Just every day, the energy that he brings to the staff and to me, to the team, it's Jon Gruden. It's who he is. That's been real fun to be around."

Olson praised rookie tackles Kolton Miller and Brandon Parker.

"Extremely athletic. Both of those tackles that we drafted, extremely athletic. They bend very, very well for men their size. They move extremely well for men their size. More than anything, it's been their athleticism."

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