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Quarterback Derek Carr: "That's What We Needed"


Quarterback Derek Carr

After a tough start against the Buffalo Bills in Week 8, Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr got back on track against the Miami Dolphins in Week 9. The former Fresno State Bulldog led his team to a 27-24 victory by completing 21 of 30 passes for 300 yards and one touchdown. It was the Raiders first win since defeating the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football, and the offense looked solid again on primetime. To discuss his performance on Sunday Night Football, Carr spoke with reporters postgame to recap the evening.

Here's a look at the quick hits from his media session:

No. 4 was just happy the team was able to walk away with a victory Sunday.

"We won. That's what we needed. We worked really hard. We had a good week of practice. I think that our energy, our intensity carried over to the game. Our Wednesday, Thursday practice were some of the most competitive we've had in a while. We have to bring it in practice, we have to bring it in our meetings and when we do that, the outcomes take care of themselves."

He talked about getting the run game going, especially to help on third downs.

"One thing is that coach wanted to get our run game going to help the pass attack, the play action and all that kind of stuff, which it did. When you do that, it puts a big emphasis on third down, and that's how this game works."

Carr broke down the his passing, and the offenses ability to make plays.

"We had a few missed opportunities. One, I had to throw a little early to 'Coop' (Amari Cooper) (that) I wish I had back. Throw it a little early keep it more outside. But that kind of stuff, that's ok, that's going to happen. My goal is to complete them all, I'm mad at myself when I don't, but if those are the mistakes, we're going to be ok."

**He gave a lot of the glory for his success to tight end Jared Cook, who had an impressive game.


"He's phenomenal all the time. You talk about a guy … There is no secret to why he has been in the league for so long. We have young players, and I tell them 'There is no secret why this guy is still playing and playing at a high level.' It's the way he works during the week. On a Friday – usually Fridays are slowed down tempo – if Jared is on one of those routes where he needs to get it again, he's almost full speed. Just the way he prepares, the way he practices, I love talking to him, I love picking his brain."

Carr shared that the team needs to be edgy in order to rattle of wins in the second half of the season.

"We have to be intense. We have to get after each other a little bit. It has to be a little bit uncomfortable. Guys were a little chippy this week, myself included. We were a little edgy, but it wasn't in a bad way. If it was, coach (Jack Del Rio) would tell us, and he sure enough came up and told me a few times, 'We can do this a little bit better.' We're not pressing if you know what I'm saying? There is a fine line. We know what we need to do, but at the same time, we need to be a little edgy."

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