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Quick Hits: Josh McDaniels gives insight to Raiders' Day 2 draft mindset


The NFL Draft kicked off Thursday, and while the Raiders were quiet since trading their first and second round picks to the Green Bay Packers for Davante Adams, the Silver and Black kept note of how the first day panned out for each team.

McDaniels addressed the media after Round 1 wrapped Thursday night. Here's what he had to say:

On how the first round shaped up:

"Dave and his crew had done a great job of setting up the board and putting the proper grades on the players. The guys that we thought would get selected, were selected – for the most part. We figured there would be a run on receivers and there was, we thought that the tackles would have a good chance to be gone by the end of the day and they are, in terms of the guys who were highly rated. ... It's about what we thought. Pretty quiet evening for us."

On his approach to Day 2 of the draft:

"We'll be very aware of how it's kind of fallen tomorrow by the time we get to pick in the third round, if that's where we pick. What's happening in the second round as we head into the third round, who may have changed spots, what they may need in front of us and then what's really the most important thing, what's left on our board that we really are interested in? If there's two of a certain player at a certain position that you're interested in and you see five teams ahead of you and there's two or three of them that might have the same need, that's where you start to kind of put two and two together to try to get four. Sometimes you're right, sometimes you're wrong. Sometimes staying put is the right thing to do."

On constantly evaluating players:

"One day's worth of draft picks isn't going to change months of work that we've put in in terms of evaluating each player. There's still some things we're going to sort through tonight, just because we're doing a little more crossing the t's and dotting the i's on some players that may be a little clustered together or stacked on top of one another. You could probably do that almost infinitely because you never know how it falls. ... I don't think we'll stop the process totally until we're done on Saturday night."

On trading the No. 22 pick for Davante Adams:

"We talked about that at pick 22. There's all those things that you can kind of look back on and so forth, but we made that decision a while ago and are very happy with what we received in that transaction. I'm sure Green Bay is happy with who they picked tonight. Davante is a pleasure to be around and to have the ability to work with him just a little bit this week at the minicamp was fun for everybody. Just to start that process together, looking forward to more of that as we go through the spring."

On Darren Waller:

"Darren's a really important part of our team. I've loved my time being around him. He's a Raider, he's going to be a Raider. We're looking forward to what we're going to do together."

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