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Quick Hits: Raiders forge forward despite frustrating loss to Steelers

Head Coach Josh McDaniels addressed the media Monday morning following the Raiders' 13-10 loss to the Steelers on Saturday.

Read through for some of the best quotes from the press conference.

On the passing game in the past four games:

"It's never on one person. That's our responsibility, my responsibility. At the end of the day, the passing game and the production of the passing game usually has a lot to do with how we protect, the routes we run, the ability to read the coverage together, throwing and catching. There's a lot that goes into that. I know that statistic gets applied to just one person, but certainly there's other factors. So, I mean, look that's not good enough. And for us to be able to win at this time of the year and be productive, offensively you have to throw the ball better than what we've thrown at times here in the last month and a half."

On injuries on the defensive side of the ball:

"There's a lot of things that could go into this, so I'm not going to get up here and prognosticate everything at this point. Like I said, we're going to get in here and coach the game and correct that, and then I think in due time make the right decisions, hopefully, to protect those guys that we should protect relative to health, and then also do the right thing for the organization as we go forward."

On shying away from the run game against the Steelers:

"We were behind the sticks too much. We didn't make enough positive plays. We hurt ourselves with negative plays and penalties. And for that reason, [Josh Jacobs] didn't get the touches that we certainly want to give him. I love the guy. He should have the ball more than any other player in our team, and he has. I love his passion, his fight. He wants to help us win in any way that he can, and we've got to do a better job of being productive so we can stay out of those situations where the running game becomes difficult to stick with."

On the difficulties in maintaining leads this season:

"Each game is different. And this one, we're ahead and we need to get further ahead. The longer you give an opponent in this league an opportunity to keep taking swings at you to try to take the lead when it's a seven-point game, a four-point game, whatever it is. ... You give them that many opportunities, at some point, they have good coaches and good players over there and they make some plays, and that's what happened."

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