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Todd Downing And Ken Norton, Jr., Get Ready For Division Opponent


Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing & Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.

The Oakland Raiders are days away from their second division matchup against the season, and will face a Los Angeles Chargers squad with plenty of playmakers on both sides of the ball. Even though the Silver and Black were unable to walk away with a victory Sunday, there were some noteworthy upsides. Thursday afternoon, Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing and Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr., spoke with the media about the upcoming game.

Here are the quick hits from their pressers:

Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing

Downing was pleased to see the running game take a step forward Week 5 against the Baltimore Ravens.

"Last week was a step in the right direction for us in the run game and the production there. We're excited about the way that's trending. Just continue to look for ways to grow and highlight our guys skill sets, whether it be run or pass game and take another step forward."

He touched on the demeanor of wide receiver Amari Cooper and how he's handled his slow start.

"That's one of the best things that we got going on this team, is that we're all in this together. It's all a family environment. We truly have each other's back. So as Amari had ebbs and flows throughout his career and certainly not satisfied with his production at this point, it's not showing in his attitude or approach where we're all fighting to get this thing back on track. He's going to be a big part of that."

Downing talked about the addition of Assistant Head Coach – Defense John Pagano, and how he'll help the Raiders prepare to take on his former team.

"He's a heck of a coach and a heck of a football mind; certainly knows those guys. He was in San Diego a long, long time. He's a point of reference, but right now the offense is focus on doing our job well and executing our assignments. Not really spending a ton of time trying to uncover little gems. We're focused on doing our job."

**Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.


Norton broke down what he saw from defensive end Khalil Mack and the rest of the defense last week against the Ravens.

"We didn't get to the quarterback. I think every time you go into the game, you have a plan to get to him. They also have a plan to spot Khalil from getting to there. It's like their plan versus our plan. At the same time, it's a team effort. Everybody on the line, everybody in the secondary, in the linebacker position, everybody has to work together in order for a play to be successful. So, it's not just one guy not getting there. It's everybody working together to make the plan successful in order for us to win the play."

He praised veteran quarterback Philip Rivers for his knowledge of the game, and approach each week.

"He's very bright. I think he understands the game. I think he's been around a long time and he's seen a lot. He understands how to bring his information, his experience to the field. He's aware of what's going on, situations, down and distance, what's going on with your defense, what you're talking about. He listens. It's important to be a good listener. When you listen well and you watch and you're able to put your wisdom of experience on the field and have it carry over, there's no question about why he's been able to play at a high level for a very long time."

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