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Todd Downing And Ken Norton, Jr., Talk Miami Dolphins


Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing & Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.

In the Sunshine State, the Oakland Raiders braving the Florida heat on the practice field, as they get ready for another battle on the gridiron. The Raiders Week 9 matchup will be a Sunday Night Football showdown against the Miami Dolphins, who currently have the worst offense in all of the NFL. To talk about the game, Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr., and Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing met with the media Thursday afternoon.

Here are the quick hits from their media session:

Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing:

Downing shared that the team is passionate about getting things resolved on offense.

"We have a really prideful group and we all share in the responsibility of falling short of our expectations. So whenever you find yourself in this situation, if you're prideful about what you do, you're going to work as hard as you possibly can. So I think that's what he's alluding to, just looking for every detail that we can improve on, every area that we can kind of tighten the screws up a little bit and everybody across the board is doing that."

He commented on quarterback Derek Carr's preparation this week.

"He's been really dedicated to his footwork, and being on time and taking the proper amount of hitches to throws and things like that. Derek does a great job of seeing the field, he diagnoses coverages very well. And there are times where I think he can manipulate zone defenders with his eyes a little bit, so we're working on that and just keeping him comfortable and getting him through his progressions. He's dedicated to doing everything we ask him to do."

Downing stressed the importance of not turning the ball over.

"Regardless of who's carrying the ball for us, we put a huge priority on protecting the football, whether it be passing the ball or carrying the ball. A guy like Marshawn that's an example of consistency in his ball security is certainly a nice thing to have back when you're stressing that after a game where we did not take care of the ball very well."

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.:

Norton discussed what he's seen from linebacker NaVorro Bowman in regards to a leadership role.

"I think NaVorro has been a fantastic influence on the defense as well as the linebacker room. I think the young linebackers that we have really need an example. A guy sitting in their ears. You got to watch in the way that NaVorro when he first got here prepared for a quick game and how effective he was. I think it was a positive influence for the young players to see about mastering, about the studies habits, about taking working home, doing extra work and then the results. I think young players today, they respond to results. They see what NaVorro has been able to do with his career."

He expressed the team's excitement to see rookie safety Obi Melifonwu participate in his first game.

"We were really excited about him on draft day. Really looking forward to seeing him run and use his speed and his size. He matches up well with the tight ends we have to face in this league. It's just a matter of getting him on the field and playing. Then just going from there. I think he's the same way. He's excited about playing. Nobody wants to be injured, it's just a part of the game. We're excited to finally get him here. Welcome him on the team and in the group. Hug him up and have him hit the film, just like the rest of the guys. We're just excited to get him out there and see him sweat and be a part of this whole thing."

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