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Center Rodney Hudson Breaks Down Raiders Offense


Center Rodney Hudson

Here's the transcript from Oakland Raiders center Rodney Hudson's press conference.

Q: How does getting Marshawn Lynch back this week help the offense?

Hudson:"It's going to help us. Anytime you can have the experience back and that type of player that he is, it'll help us for sure."

Q: You guys have such depth on your offensive line, in the event that Gabe Jackson can't go, Jon Feliciano has proven that he can step in. What does that versatility mean to the line?

Hudson:"It helps a lot. It's always tough to see one of your brothers hurt, but it happens in football. We wish that we could get Gabe back as fast as possible, but Jon is ready to play and step in. He's done it before and we feel comfortable with him there."

Q: What does he bring?

Hudson:"He plays hard. He's a smart player. He works really hard. He studies. Whatever play is called, you can count that he's going to give everything he's got."

Q: When you look at the run blocking thus far, are you guys as precise as you'd want to be?

Hudson:"We always want to get better. Try to get better every day, every drive. We just have to keep working and focus on the little details."

Q: After last year, you guys were seen as one of the most dominant lines in the NFL. How would you assess the way you've played so far?

Hudson:"Last year was last year. I don't really focus on last year. I can't even remember half the stuff that happened. We just focus on today and trying to get better, and take it one play at a time. We always can do better. Last year, we were saying the same thing. That's always going to be the case. I've never played a perfect game and I know my teammates don't feel like they've ever played a perfect game. Until that happens, which will probably never happen, you just want to try to get better."

Q: What does Ndamukong Suh bring? Hudson:"He's a good player. He's been making plays for a long time. Plays hard, plays well."

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