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Head Coach Jack Del Rio: "There's A Better Feel When You're Winning"


Another week to get better, and that's exactly what Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio is trying to accomplish ahead of this Sunday's game with the Kansas City Chiefs. With both teams tied at 6-6, the importance of this game speaks for itself. Wednesday afternoon, Del Rio met with local reporters to address the week at hand, and comment on the team's preparation.

Here are the quick hits from his time at the podium:

Del Rio talked about facing Kansas City, and how the absence of cornerback Marcus Peters alters their preparation.

"We look forward to a good week of prep, traveling to Kansas City and taking on the Chiefs. Big divisional game for us. Obviously, I heard the news from this morning that Andy [Reid] is going to suspend or has suspended Marcus [Peters]. We treat that a lot like we did last week with Eli [Manning]. A decision like that is similar to an injury occurring. We're preparing Raiders versus the Chiefs. Nothing really changes in terms of us putting a plan together and making sure it's about us going in and playing good football."

He discussed what he's seen from the defensive line recently.

"I just think overall playing well. I think Bruce and Denico [Autry] and Mario [Edwards Jr.] and some of the guys, there's a little better effectiveness of getting after the quarterback. A little tighter coverage, which obviously helps as I've talked about."

Del Rio shared what the team's confidence level is like after getting back in the playoff picture.

"I think certainly, there's a better feel when you're winning and doing things well. For us, it's about the next game. We have to take them one at a time. We went through, we had our stretch. I talked about it the other day. The Chargers had theirs the first four games. We had ours four in a row after winning two. The Chiefs have had a little bit of a spell. Yet we all sit here at 6-6 with an opportunity. Which team takes the most advantage of that opportunity is sitting there."

He touched on the offensive line, and noted their determination to keep fighting.

"I think we have a good group. They're big, they're physical, they protect our quarterback, they open holes for our backs. Yeah, they're responding exactly how we want to respond. Sometimes things don't go exactly how you want, but you persevere, you stand for the things you believe in and you maintain good character, you continue to work and that's what we've done up front. That's what we've done as a team. So, we should expect to play our best football down the stretch here."

Del Rio broke down whether quarterback Derek Carr needs to use his feet more.

"All he's got to do is be himself, that's part of it. He's athletic. It wasn't long ago, I was trying to talk to him about not straight-arming somebody on the sideline and not doing the Superman routine jumping over the top. (laughter) But, we do like him to use his feet, that's a weapon for him."

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