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Michael Huff finds way to give back to his home state during winter storms

When it comes down to it, says former All-Pro safety Michael Huff, he couldn't be prouder of two things in his life – to be a Raider and to be a "Texas boy."

"Obviously I was born and raised right there in Irving, right outside of Dallas. I'm a Texas boy through and through, said Michael Huff. "I played for UT and went to California to play for the Raiders, but obviously I came back to Texas. For me, wherever I'm at in my career, or wherever I'm at in life, I'm a Texas boy."

Michael Huff had the opportunity to make a positive impact on his home state recently after several winter storms caused great damage around Texas. The storms caused four million Texans to lose power and be without heat, internet, and access to essential resources. Huff, like many people, noticed the carnage of the storms firsthand on social media.

"It was one dad that kind of hit me on Twitter," Huff said. "He didn't have power for about three days at that point. He didn't have power, he didn't have water for three days, and he has a wife and then he has two daughters. The daughters were eight and four, and I'm sitting here like, 'I have my wife and my daughters, and both my daughters are eight and four."

Huff proceeded to find a Juan In a Million Tex-Mex restaurant within walking distance from the father and his family in East Austin and bought him and his family a meal. One meal for one family would later turn into thousands of pre-purchased meals for struggling families with no power or food expanding from Austin to San Antonio. Huff felt like it was his obligation to give back to the community that has given him so much.

"Whenever something goes on with Texas – good, bad, or indifferent – I feel like it's my job to step up and help and just do my part to help the state."

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