Alyssa Named Raiderette of the Week to Start 2015 Campaign


Veteran Raiderette Alyssa has been selected as the Raiderette of the Week for 2015 Preseason Week 1.

The world is a huge place – 196 countries and 24, 901 miles to be exact, and veteran Raiderette Alyssa wants to see all of it.

"I would have to say that my parents gave me the travel bug," Alyssa said. "We started traveling as a family, taking cruises and going on road trips."

During her life she's gone a variety of trips and adventures with her family, but there are two in particular that she remembers especially fondly;one is a road trip she took with her family and the other is as cruise through the Mediterranean.

"The trip that stands out in my mind is a month-long road trip that we did from here to South Dakota," she said. "I was in a car for a month but we went to all the national parks."

So why pick traveling as her hobby?

For Alyssa, traveling provides a sense of adventure and wonder that she can't find elsewhere.

"I guess seeing the world and coming back," she said when asked what she loves about travel. "You're leaving with a blank book, but you're coming back with a story, an experience. Every place is different, every place has something different to offer which is amazing."

Alyssa has already gone on a variety of trips and seen a lot of the world, but she still has a few countries that top the list of where she wants to head next.

"How do you choose one?" she laughed. "I probably would have to say Japan. Japan, Thailand and then Australia."

When Alyssa isn't traveling the world, she can be found taking part in her other favorite activity – cheering on the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum.

Entering her second season as one of Football's Fabulous Females, she's looking forward to creating more memories like she did during her rookie season.

While she can't pick just one moment from her campaign as her favorite, one that stands out is the team's trip to London.

"The highlight for me was performing for the NFL on Regent Street," Alyssa said. "That would probably have to be the highlight of the season for me because even though it was a 'home game,' we weren't in home territory but you could still feel the passion from the crowd. London isn't very familiar with American football, but to have an influence on them meant a lot."

As the Raiders gear up for another season, Alyssa can't wait to get back on the sidelines and once again spending her Sundays cheering on the Silver and Black and interacting with members of Raider Nation.

"I think Raiderville is my favorite part, because that's when we get to interact with fans and feel the crowd before the game," she said. "We feed off of that. Just getting to interact with them and seeing how excited they are, really makes you feel special."

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