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Quick Hits: Josh McDaniels' media availability at the 2023 Combine

The 2023 NFL Combine kicked off Tuesday with Raiders Head Coach Josh McDaniels addressing the media on everything from building the roster to the quarterback position to his relationship with General Manager Dave Ziegler.

Read through for some of the best soundbites from coach's media availability.

On the importance of prospect interviews during the Combine:

"To begin, most of these players – this is the first opportunity for them to meet us. And we started that process last night with the interviews and we'll continue that the next few days here. It's certainly not long enough to make any decisions or anything like that on somebody. But you certainly get to know their personality. You get to know a little bit about their background, what they love about football. And, you know, that's the beginning of the process for us. It's the part that I enjoy the most about the Combine."

On the 2023 quarterback draft class:

"I think there's depth to the class. I think there's some people that are, you know, more pocket passers. I think there's some guys that can really do some things with their legs, extend plays. You could probably use that as part of your offensive weaponry. But they're all a little different. They really are. And so, that's a good thing because you can kind of see how they may fit into your system and then you might tweak your system to fit some things that you hadn't had in it before."

On entering his second Combine as Raiders head coach:

"I've seen a lot of different things. So, nothing really surprises me much anymore. I have a great group of people around me that I delegate many responsibilities to and just try to be a resource to them. You know, look, there's never really going to be a great head coach without having a good group of people around him and a really good group of players in the locker room. We've got a really good owner who gives us every resource we could ask for. Very thankful to have this opportunity. Got a great group of people and great group of core guys in the locker room right now that we're trying to build around."

On building the roster for the 2023 season:

"There's so many avenues to acquire players now. You know, I think it's just do our due diligence, try to do our work, get it in and make the smartest decision for our football team. I think that's what we're going to try to do every day."

On working with GM Dave Ziegler:

"Dave's a great partner for me and super well prepared. Really, ahead in terms of what's coming next in our calendar year. And just has really been refreshing for me to -- you know, when I'm not at a certain point, I ask a question, Dave's got the answer. The healthiest part of our relationship is we can agree and sometimes we can disagree and we can work through those things and figure out what's best for the team."

On areas of the team they are looking to improve:

"Our depth, obviously, is something that we need to improve across the board. But, look, we need tough, smart, explosive players, period. And we need to do that on offense, we need to do it on defense, we need to do it in the return game. We have some good core components to our roster that we can build around. But we need to get tougher, smarter, more explosive with the people that are coming to our football team."

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