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Quick Hits: Davante Adams introduces himself to Raider Nation

Amid a flurry of free agency moves, the Raiders worked to pull off a high-profile trade with the Green Bay Packers to get a top tier weapon for Derek Carr in Davante Adams.

Adams introduced himself to Raider Nation on Tuesday, talking everything from growing up a Raiders fan to how he has found success in the league.

Read through for some of the top quotes from the five-time Pro Bowler's first press conference in the Silver and Black.

On walking into the Raiders headquarters for the first time:

"Everything is top tier. It's a whole other level when you walk into this building. Blew my mind and I'm still kind of processing now, but it's starting to soak in a little bit more."

On growing up a Raiders fan:

"Tim Brown was a big inspiration. My whole family was Raiders fans so I knew a lot about the history since I was young. Just growing up, honestly, all Raiders, anything Raiders was what I was about. I had a Tim Brown jersey, C-Wood – those got worn until the numbers wore off. Rich Gannon. Everything. I'm just looking forward to coming in and trying to leave my footprint as well as I can."

On new teammate Hunter Renfrow:

"Hunter, people were telling me how much I can teach him, I'm like, 'He might be able to teach me a few things.' He's a young player, but he's definitely seasoned. Everything I've heard from all these guys around here has been amazing, from Derek too. Nothing but good things ahead."

On joining the AFC West:

"This is the best division in football right now. It'd be hard not to say that even if I was still in Green Bay right now, honestly. It's loaded. It's not going to be easy, but it's definitely something I'm looking forward to. I'm always looking for a challenge."

On his NFL success:

"The thing that I attribute all my success to is just living in the moment and playing each game. It's really corny and really basic, but in college [when] I did well, I didn't even think about the league. I just went and played, had fun, took every game one by one and just thought about stacking it up. It was a one game season every time."

His message to Raider Nation:

"Raider Nation, I'm here. It's real."

Take a look at exclusive photos from wide receiver Davante Adams' first day at Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center as a member of the Silver and Black.

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