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Raiderette Boot Camp


Trainer Jamal Liggin leads the participants in exercises at the Raiderette Boot Camp.
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Tuesday evening, the Raiderettes held their first fitness boot camp class at Core Dynamics Fitness in San Leandro, Calif. Led by trainers Jamal Liggin, Sports Performance Director, and Eugene Smith, Founder and Owner of Core Dynamics Fitness, the boot camp was an opportunity for Raiderette hopefuls to work on their fitness as the Raiderette tryouts approach in April.

"This Fitness Boot Camp gives you an opportunity to get a workout in a fun, energetic environment," said Raiderette Director Jeanette Thompson. "Being physically fit is essential to having a successful season as a Raiderette. Whether you take the class for fun or in preparation of possibly becoming one of Football's Fabulous Females, it's a class that will get you going!  I was excited to see the effort put forth from the members of our first class and loved that all the participants came together at the end of the workout to give themselves a 1-2-3 cheer to keep it going!"

The trainers at Core Dynamics Fitness train athletes of all levels, from Pop Warner to the pros. "We work with a lot of professional athletes," said Liggin. "We do work with high school, college, and even Pop Warner athletes."

The trainers enjoyed changing up their training in order to focus on the needs of the Raiderette candidates. "We're working with [the participants] that are really trying to prepare for a specific goal," said Liggin. "They're under the spotlight where there are thousands of people watching them so their fitness is a big part of what we're trying to help them accomplish. So looking the part, feeling good, just tackling all that under one roof, to get them where they need to be – to get them looking good in front of people on TV and in person."

Raiderette Marcy, who was part of the 2011 squad, attended the first-ever Raiderette boot camp. "The boot camp was a really challenging experience, but it was a good way to stay in shape during the 'offseason' as we're getting ready for tryouts," said Marcy. "It was not only a physical challenge, but a mental challenge to keep going throughout the class, but it was a really good workout."

The boot camp was an hour of intense cardio and strength exercises. "Most of it was leg exercises, isometric holds, and explosions through the legs," explained Smith. "That way if they're having to jump, if they're having to kick, they have the explosiveness in their hips, thighs and hamstrings."

"My portion was basically working on the cardio and the muscle endurance so this was a high-intensity workout that incorporated a lot of running, lower body exercises, keeping the stamina up and basically utilizing their cardio with their breathing techniques to do certain exercises to help them get to that fourth quarter," added Liggin.

Marcy and Raiderette Heather, who also participated in the class, immediately saw the value in attending. "I think for not only current teammates, current Raiderettes, but also others coming in, everyone can use the extra element of fitness and the workouts and preparation," said Heather. "We don't know exactly what we're going to get for auditions this year, how lengthy they're going to be. Auditions take a lot out of you and I know for next season they're really stressing fitness and being in really great shape, so it's just good to get on it."

Marcy saw an additional reason to come out to the boot camps. "It's also a really good way to meet new people, make new friends and meet some of us, the Raiderettes," said Marcy.

The boot camp is also a way to have fun getting in shape. "If you're working with a group of people who are on a common goal, it just makes the workout a lot more fun," said Smith. "You don't feel like, 'I have to go to the gym and make up some workout I saw on TV.' You come here, the workout is already done for you, you just have to listen what they have to say and interact and just have fun."

The trainers enjoyed running the boot camp and are looking forward to the seven remaining classes. "Just the energy level from all the [participants] was very high," said Smith. "They came out, they all worked, no one complained, they just did what they were told. You can't ask for any more than that."

The remaining boot camp classes will be held on February 9, February 21, February 23, March 6, March 8, March 20, and March 22. February classes are walk-in only ($30 per class), but March classes are still available for pre-registration online ($20 per class). Space is limited and you must be 18 or older to participate. Click here to learn more.

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