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Raiders linebacker Tahir Whitehead gives his mom a present she'll never forget

Mothers seem to always go above and beyond to take care of their children, and it's for that reason Oakland Raiders linebacker Tahir Whitehead decided to do something special for his mom in return.

Athletes dream of being able to buy their mom, or family, a house of their dreams, but sadly very few are able to accomplish that goal; however, Whitehead became one of the few last week. The former Temple Owl took to social media Wednesday, and shared a picture of his mom signing the documents for her new home.

Thursday, No. 59 took a second to reflect on the moment he shared with his mom.

"It's humbling just to be blessed with the opportunity to purchase my mom a home," Whitehead said. "It was something just growing up that I always wanted to give back to my mom. She always sacrificed for us, and raising me and my siblings. I just wanted to give her a house as token of my appreciation, love, and just her doing what mothers do."

Mothers give without expecting anything in return, even when they deserve it. After raising Tahir and his siblings, there was no question that he felt she deserved her dream home, and watching her pick out the one she wanted was a special experience.

"It was extremely satisfying watching my mom and seeing the smile on her face, smiling from ear to ear," he said also with a huge smile of his own. "It was definitely a good feeling, brought a smile to my face. It's one of those things where it's definitely a good feeling, and just going through the process [of buying a home] — it can be a long process — but I enjoyed it just knowing that was going to be the end goal. We were going to find something that she liked and it all worked out in the end."

The idea of buying someone a home may seem unachievable to people, which is why Whitehead is grateful for the opportunity he's been given in the NFL.

"I'm the type of guy that lives in the moment," Whitehead explained. "Each and every day I wake up I realize how blessed and fortunate I am. I understand how fortunate I am, how much of a blessing it is to be put in the position that I'm in. It's a position that a lot of people are trying to get to, guys scratching and clawing to get in this position each and every day. It's a blessing by the man upstairs to be able to live this dream, and I cherish it. To be able to provide like that for your family is a great thing."

Family comes first, and it's awesome to see people like Tahir giving back to the people that helped him get to where he wanted to be.

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