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Sarah Marie Named Raiderette of the Week


Veteran Raiderette Sarah Marie was named the Raiderette of the Week for 2013 Regular Season Week 12.

Raiderette Sarah Marie is in her 5th season with Football's Fabulous Females. The long-time Raiderette recently graduated from law school and is excited to embark on her career.

Sarah Marie is of Indian decent (her dad is from Fiji) and she speaks fluent Hindi. Some of her favorite memories as a Raiderette have involved her father, who is in the military. One of those moments came when Sarah Marie first made the team and her dad was deployed in Iraq. She was able to call him to share the good news.

"My dad is a huge inspiration in my life; he is very hard working and sacrifices a lot not only for his family but this country," said Sarah Marie. "It was a great experience to be able to share the exciting news with him; I could feel how proud he was over the phone."

Earlier this season, Sarah Marie spent time with her dad on the sideline during pregame at Coliseum. He had the opportunity to meet Hall of Famer Willie Brown, Raiders Legend Jim Plunkett and participate in the Raiders Tunnel of Influence as the team took the field.

Sarah Marie was excited to share the game day experience with her father the way she shares her passion for dance and the Raiders with the Raider Nation every Sunday.

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