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Summer Named Raiderette of the Week


After growing up in the Bay Area, rookie Raiderette Summer moved to Los Angeles, but after several years she felt compelled to return home. She wanted to return to her roots, finish her college education and start her career – and the rookie Raiderette has accomplished all that, and then some. 

After graduating from San Jose State with a bachelor's degree in health care administration, she then decided to continue her higher education – recently completing her master's in health care administration as well. 

Now, with a pair of college degrees in tow, she works at a local hospital, focusing on preaching a public health message to the masses. 

"It's extremely rewarding because we get to help the underprivileged and people with lower incomes," said Summer. "It's a great way to get a public health message out there and make sure that our whole community is healthy, so it's extremely rewarding working at the county hospital." 

Her role at the hospital is changing slightly now, as her next undertaking is getting into the world of medical coding. 

What is medical coding you ask? Summer explains. 

"Medical coding is taking a patient's medical record and taking what the doctor's put in, the diagnosis, and putting it into a code on a claim form that we then bill the insurance company." 

When she's not working or practicing for her rookie season with Football's Fabulous Females, Summer enjoys spending time with her family and two-year old son. 

"He keeps me going," Summer said with a laugh. "I love just hanging out with my family."

The workout junkie also enjoys body pump classes, good laughs and admits to being a huge fan of a few classic television shows.

"I can watch Seinfeld probably over and over," Summer said. "I love that show, and I Love Lucy. Those are definitely the two shows that I'll go to if I need a laugh."

Summer said that she was very pleasantly surprised when she found out she had made the Raiderettes, but she knew that it was the type of opportunity she had been training her whole career for.

"I was in shock when it happened," Summer said. "I realized my life was about to change, but it was about to get really fun."

After being named as one of 2015's Football's Fabulous Females, Summer can't wait to get out on the field and cheer for the Silver and Black.

"It's going to be overwhelming," Summer said. "I think the fans, Raider Nation, are going to be unreal. When I get out there it's going to be overwhelming, but I just can't wait to get that adrenaline pumping."

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