2016 Raiderette Auditions Underway

The Raiderettes held preliminary auditions for the 2016 football season Sunday morning at the Oakland Raiders' Alameda, Calif.-facility.

Approximately 300 women arrived at the team's facility – some traveling from as far as Virginia – in the hopes of earning the right to advance to the final auditions which will be held next weekend.

"Looking at the Raiderettes, always seeing them in their Silver and Black, since I was little, made me want to come out and try out," said McKenzie, one of the women auditioning. "I'm really excited. I just want to be myself and get my best part of me across to the judges. I'm really excited to meet them and introduce myself."

All the hopefuls for* Football's Fabulous Females* participated in a short panel with the judges and were also given the opportunity to share one interesting fact about themselves.

"I think it's exciting," said Kelsey, another Raiderette hopeful, when discussing the audition process. "It just shows that the Raiderettes are out there, the Raiders, the organization, and everyone wants to be a part of it. I think it's an awesome experience."

Raiderette finalists for the 2016 season will be posted on Raiders.com Monday.

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