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2016 Raiderettes Hold Final Audtions


The Raiderettes held their final auditions for the 2016 football season Saturday at the Oakland Raiders' Alameda, Calif.-facility.

At the conclusion of preliminary auditions – which were held last week – just over 100 women advanced to the finals, initially participating in a panel interview with the judges prior to the dance portion of the audition.

"Going into the interview, having a little bit of experience from last season, you do your best to think about all the questions you've been asked in the past, so you that you can fully prepare yourself and hopefully give the best answer possible," veteran Raiderette Jacqulyn explained. "You try to do your best to pull your best personality, so they get a chance to see who you really are and what you can bring to the team."

Following the panel interview, each finalist performed a choreographed routine they were given the previous week to showcase their dancing ability for the judges.

"I think it went really well," said Olivia, a finalist trying out for the first time. "I was extremely nervous before I walked in there and was kind of marking the dance in the hallway. I pulled it out. I think I smiled the whole time and finished it, so I'm really happy about that."

After all the finalists danced, the judges began deliberations on who the final members of the team would be – beginning a very tense time of waiting for all the women auditioning.

"It would be so exciting to hear my number," Olivia said. "I've never danced on a professional team before and I'm just so passionate about making this dream a reality. It would mean everything."

The 2016 Raiderettes squad will be announced Monday on

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