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Itza Named Raiderette of the Week


Veteran Raiderette Itza has been selected as Raiderette of the Week for 2012 Regular Season Week 3.

"There is always something exciting to look forward every year with the Raiderettes.

"One of the drawing factors for me was the upcoming 50th Raiderette Reunion.  As a veteran Raiderette, whether I made the team or not, I would be participating in that show, as either a current member or an alum.  

"There was something prophetic auditioning for my 5th year as a member of Football's Fabulous Females in the same year of the 50th Celebration; a coincidence that I just couldn't ignore.  

"So there I was one more time competing for my spot on the team, and wouldn't you know it, my number was 51, the first person in my group starting the 50s."

  • Itza 

Sunday, October 21, hundreds of Raiderettes from the 1960s to the present will take the field in a performance of a lifetime. Get your tickets for the Raiders vs. Jaguars game today to watch the celebration!

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