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Michelle Named Raiderette of the Week


"One of the most difficult things to hear from a close friend or loved one is that they've been diagnosed with breast cancer. When I learned my great aunt had breast cancer, I was completely overwhelmed. She lives in New York and I didn't know what to do or how I could help being so far away.

"Although the experience was difficult, I realized that raising awareness about breast cancer is an easy step we can all take to fight the battle. Fundraising, reading more about breast cancer, and participating in breast cancer awareness events are all great ways to take action. I am happy and relieved to say my great aunt is a breast cancer survivor. She's taught me that hope, encouragement, and love can help you through anything.

"Breast cancer has affected my life by making me more aware as a woman. I am inspired to take part in breast cancer walks and help out in any way I can. It's empowering to know that helping out in a small way can make a huge difference in many women's lives.

"I am already thrilled to be a part of the Raider Nation, but the fact that they support breast cancer awareness makes it that much more special and close to my heart."

  • Raiderette Michelle
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