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Quick Hits: Bisaccia discusses who stood out in the victory over Cleveland 

The Raiders earned a key win on Monday in Cleveland, but they can't savor it for too long as they are hosting the Denver Broncos on a short week.

While the Silver and Black already walked away with a win over Denver earlier this season, they're preparing to once again give it their all. Before the team fully moves on to Week 16, Interim Head Coach Rich Bisaccia recapped the win and the positives they saw on the gridiron.

Here are the best soundbites from Bisaccia's Tuesday media availability:

On rookie linebacker Divine Deablo:

"I think he's certainly got more versed in what we are calling on defense and how it works, and he's played multiple positions for us on defense. I think (linebackers coach) Richard Smith has done a great job with him, getting him prepared week in and week out and more practice reps, more practice reps, more practice reps. And I think in special teams we had a chance to see him make plays in space on kickoff, make tackles in space on the punt team. Really did a good job protecting for us with the punter and he's still on both of those units. So, I think we're excited about the progress he's made, getting more and more reps on defense and now it's starting to show up in the game."

On who stood out on film from the Browns game:

"I thought inside, Johnathan Hankins and Solomon Thomas, they've been great against the run all year, but it was exceptional, not only throughout the game, but certainly that last drive where our defense stopped them and gave us a chance to get the ball back. But both of those guys. It's hard to see sometimes from the sideline like you talked about, but when you turn the tape on, and you see the force that Hank is playing with inside and you see what Solomon is doing on the retrace and making a big tackle for a three-yard gain and those guys coming out of the stack."

On Maxx Crosby's Pro Bowl selection:

"I think what you heard him say is, 'I only got five sacks.' And what I talked to him about is, what you're teaching people to do is look beyond the numbers. Look at the relentless effort that the guy plays with every game and look at the relentless effort that he puts into practice. So, he has become the power of example in a lot of ways."

On the team's mindset while facing adversity through the season:

"I think part of our philosophy is we'd like to play with relentless effort to the bitter end in everything we do. Our response to a lot of the curve balls, a lot of the bad things that have happened, should say a lot about us. Our response to the good things that happen, we'd like to think it says a lot about us as well. If we take all the good things and go 'me, me, me, I, I, I,' it doesn't usually last or doesn't do us any good. And if we take all the loses and go, 'He did this' or 'he did that' or point it to him, that doesn't do well either for a group of men that are trying to do something together.

"So, we do try to put them both in perspective. We say it in the building a lot, they are both imposters, victories or losses, because regardless of whether we won or loss on the other day's game, we have a game coming up."

View the best photos from the Raiders' Week 15 victory against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium.

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