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Quick Hits: McDaniels 'can't say enough' about team's work ethic as minicamp begins

The Raiders were back to work on Tuesday, as the team's three-day mandatory minicamp got underway at Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center. Head Coach Josh McDaniels is already liking what's he's seeing from his squad, while noting this is just the beginning of installing a new system with plenty of room for growth.

Read through for some of the best quotes from the head coach's media availability from Day 1 of minicamp.

On how OTAs and minicamp are going so far:

"We try not to measure things in the offseason because it's really – every day is an opportunity to build on something. We know the terminology, we know the verbiage, we know what our assignments are supposed to be but I think right now what we're working toward is consistency and performance. It's not the physical part of it yet but trying to go out there and if that's your assignment, can you do it right once and then twice and then 15 times and then for an entire practice. We've had some good plays and some not so good plays and that's normal for this time of the year."

On TE Darren Waller:

"He's done everything we've asked him to do and more. He's obviously a good player. We love having him here. It's really a pleasure to coach the guy. He comes with a great attitude and mindset every day and works really hard. Here early, stays late, does extra, takes care of his body, does a lot of the things that you would want any player to do."

On the team as a whole:

"I can't say enough about our players and what they've done. Like I said last week, they're really responsible for the culture. We try to set a standard of what we're looking for but they're the ones that go out there and do it. They're here every day, they're here real early, they're working their butts off doing everything that can to help themselves improve and help the team improve along the way."

On QB Derek Carr:

"He's been a good player for a long time. I've said that since I've got here and that's the truth. He's smart, he works really hard at it, he understands the game of football. He's got good arm strength and accuracy, he's a good leader, he's tough, doesn't miss a lot of games, been durable. There's a lot that Derek Carr does every day to give you a lot of confidence in what he can do with your team. ... He treats everybody the same, which I love. That's a good sign of a leader. He's not just going to talk to the guys that are in the first huddle, he talks to everybody at every position – offense, defense, kickers, punters. Been very impressed with him."

On FB Jakob Johnson:

"He's a self-made football player. He comes to work every day, takes great care of his body, he's a tough guy. He's really a tough player. Good teammate, unselfish, willing to do anything you ask him to do. He'll block, he'll line up outside of the backfield, he'll play on the punt team. He does a lot of stuff for your football team and adds a lot of value and toughness to it. Jak knows what his role is, he embraces it every day. He's an unselfish teammate and I just really enjoy being around him. A lot of what Jak does rubs off on a lot of people and I think there's a lot of value in that."

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Get an inside look at Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center during the Silver and Black's first day of minicamp.

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