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Raiderette Calendar Release Party


Raiderette Tori and Autumn on the front cover of the 2013-14 Raiderette Calendar. Photo by Tony Gonzales

The Raiders unveiled the 2013-14 Raiderette Calendar Wednesday night in the West Side Club of Coliseum in front of the 40 Raiderettes and their friends and family. Veteran Raiderette Tori and rookie Raiderette Autumn grace the front cover, while veterans Rachel and Cassie adorn the back cover. Also on the back cover are veterans Maureen, Brandi, Brittany and Chanel.

Tori, in her fourth year with Football's Fabulous Females, was shocked and overwhelmed when she realized she was the cover girl. "It feels amazing. I was not expecting it at all," said Tori. "Even when [the curtain] came down I feel like it took me a minute to realize it was me and then I instantly cried."



Raiderettes Maureen, Brandi, Brittany and Chanel on the back cover. Photo by Tony Gonzales

All of her teammates cheered and surrounded her after the reveal. "It's amazing. They're such great sisters, all of them," said Tori. "It feels great to have that support from them because it's very needed. The daily things we go through and the things we go through at practice, they're always there for us. It was amazing."

Also on the cover, with her uniform shot, is rookie Autumn. "I was so excited. I was actually really shocked at first because there was a glare and I couldn't tell it was myself," said Autumn. "I had no idea it was me, but it was so exciting, especially this year being my rookie year. I just kind of expected it to be all veterans up there. I was really, really happy. Tori looks amazing too. I'm really proud of her and proud to be on the cover with her as well."

Rachel and Cassie command the back cover of the calendar. "I was completely shocked and amazed. I wasn't sure to expect," said Rachel. "This whole calendar, it came out amazing."

Seeing herself on the back cover was a rush for Rachel. "I was getting nervous. It felt like butterflies," said Rachel. "A sigh of relief too like all of our hard work paid off."

Each month of the calendar was also displayed during the Calendar Release Party. After seeing the calendar from front to back, the Raiderettes are convinced Raider Nation will want it on their walls.

"It's the best calendar the NFL is going to see. It's awesome," said Cassie.

Cover girl Tori wants Raider Nation to check it out. "It's an amazing calendar. I feel like this is the No. 1 calendar," said Tori. "This year is amazing and we're outside the studio. There are lots of amazing things to see, the wineries. I think it's beautiful and everyone looks beautiful in the calendar."

The calendar release came two days before the Raiders preseason begins and the Raiderettes step foot on the field for the first time in 2013. "It's really a push forward. We've been working so hard these past three months," said Rachel. "We're ready to go out there and be the best we can be and be fabulous out there."

The calendar is now available for purchase at

And make sure to support the Raiderettes on the field each game day.




Raiderette Brandi.Photo by Tony Gonzales

The Raiders also revealed this year's Bud Light Raiderette – Brandi.

Brandi, in her second year with Football's Fabulous Females, could hardly believe she was chosen to represent the team. "Unreal. I was shaking when I found out," said Brandi. "All last year my dad made sure to buy the Bud Light cans with the Raiders logo on it. Our fridge was always stocked with it. I remember seeing the Raiderettes on billboards and on the Coliseum columns and I can't believe I get to be one of them. It's unreal."

Brandi is excited, but a little nervous to see herself around Coliseum on game day. "I think it'll make me feel really bashful to walk by and see it. It's so exciting. I'm just so excited I can't believe it to be true," said Brandi.

She was grateful to have the support of her Raiderette sisters when the poster was unveiled. "It felt great to have girls that are excited for you. We're all so happy to see everybody's pictures today," said Brandi. "Everyone just wants the best for you. They think the best of everybody and all their shots. It feels so good to have so many girls behind you that want you to do good and that are proud of you."

Make sure to look for Brandi on game day around the stadium and on the field.

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