Tess Named Raiderette of the Week


Second-year Raiderette Tess loves football. She loves the roar of the crowd on game day and she loves being on the sidelines of O.co Coliseum cheering on the Silver and Black.

Over the past few years though, she's discovered another love – one that isn't quite as noisy as the energetic crowds on Sundays.

"One thing I started like two or three years ago was yoga," said Tess. "I got really into it and I consider myself a yogi now. When I'm not dancing, I'm doing yoga, and it's been really fun and challenging too. I really like it and it helps keep me centered when my life is really crazy, which it usually is with work, and Raiderettes and everything."

In addition to her newfound love of yoga, Tess also has a passion for all things outdoors – a passion she shares with one of her fellow Raiderettes.

"I like to do outdoor stuff a lot, like hiking. Jen and I go hiking on Mission Peak," Tess said. "I've gotten really into that like hiking and outdoorsy stuff."

"It's really awesome and I'm really glad we started doing it," Tess continued. "We actually did it to get in shape for auditions, but then we continued it because it really helps keep us in shape. It's also fun and we can catch up on the way there."

Heading into her second season as one of Football's Fabulous Females, Tess is more confident and comfortable as a Raiderette than she was as a rookie.

"I feel like obviously I have a better handle on things," Tess said. "I feel like my first year was a whirlwind of emotions and everything. Game day was so exciting but also super nerve racking. I feel like now I'm more ready and prepared. I feel more comfortable and I'm really excited."

Tess thoroughly enjoys all aspects of her Raiderette life, from dancing, to practices, to making community appearances, but game day still stands out as her favorite.

"Game days are so much fun," Tess said. "Game day is the best."

Game day is nothing though without the energy and enthusiasm of Raider Nation, and it is that enthusiasm that propels Tess and the rest of the Raiderettes through 60 minutes of football.

"The crowd is always amazing and the fans are awesome," Tess said. "Usually the fourth quarter is my favorite, even though we're all really tired, but that's when the fans are going the craziest. They are so loyal and diehard that's it's hard to be tired when they're cheering so loudly."

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