Derek Carr, Henry Ruggs dial up another 'Last-Second Glory' against the Jets

Not only did Henry Ruggs III run the most important double hitch-and-go route of his young NFL career, he repeated Raiders history against the Jets fifty years to the date.

The New York Jets were 13 seconds away from their first win of the year.

Thirteen seconds away from putting the Raiders' season on the brink, just like last year.

Thirteen seconds away from overcoming the unbelievable odds and upsetting the Las Vegas Raiders.

Thirteen seconds was just too much time for Derek Carr and his offense.

The Silver and Black made the play of their season, with Carr capping off his record-setting 20th fourth-quarter comeback with a 46-yard touchdown bomb to speedster rookie receiver Henry Ruggs to win the game.

The New York Jets decided on an all-out blitz on the play, leaving Ruggs in one-on-one man coverage against cornerback Lamar Jackson. Carr properly read the defense, got enough time in the pocket from his offensive line and found No. 11 for a pass that Ruggs said "felt like the ball was in the air forever."

"We were down to the wire, and we knew that we needed a play," said Henry Ruggs. "Coach (Gruden) dialed up the double move, and once I'm coming off the ball I kind of see that it's there, and I got the DB to flip his hips."

"Was kind of surprised that they brought the house like that and not drop back everybody back, but you know that defenders are going to play soft and keep people in front of them. Once I gave them the inside move to make it seem like it was an inside route, he flipped his hips and from there I just had to use my speed to make a play."

The play was a sense of redemption for Carr and Ruggs, who both had several miscues leading into the last play. Ruggs let a pass go through his hands that was intercepted in the first half, as well as a costly fumble in the third quarter. Carr also had couple of overthrown balls to Nelson Agholor in the end zone that could have given the Raiders the lead. Despite whatever happened throughout the duration of the game, Gruden still had enough faith in both of players to go make the play with the game on the line.

"After Henry Ruggs fumbled the football, and he was involved in the interception that I thought he should've caught, a lot of guys would hang their head and tank," Coach Gruden said. "For him to win that game for us, it just says a lot about the football character that he has and we have."

Derek Carr finished the game with 381 passing yards and four total touchdowns. He expressed how grateful he was for his rookie receiver out of Alabama and that he was able to get the victory in New York after the birth of his daughter last Monday.

"That one was for my little daughter Brooklyn," said Derek Carr after the win. "That one was my little baby girl; that was awesome."

Carr agreed with his coach regarding the mental fortitude of Ruggs.

"One thing I love about [Ruggs] is he's someone that if he gets punched in the mouth, he stands back up and goes again," Carr added. "He gets punched in the mouth and he stands back up and give you everything he's got again, he gave us all 4.2 (40 yard dash speed) of it on that last play because I threw it as high as I could and just prayed that he would run under it.

"I thank Mr. Mayock for drafting that man because I don't know how many guys would've went and got that football."

What made the last-second play even more incredible was the history it echoed.

Fifty years ago, on the exact same date, December 6, 1970, 'The Mad Bomber' Daryle Lamonica threw up a Hail Mary heave to Warren Wells to defeat the Jets 14-13 in what was coined ‘The Last-Second Glory.’

That game was played in the old Shea Stadium, 21 miles away from MetLife Stadium, and was also the Raiders seventh win of the season with a kickoff temperature of 33 degrees. The Las Vegas Raiders win today in MetLife Stadium gives them a 7-5 record for the season, and it was 33 degrees when they kicked off against the Jets this afternoon.

Coincidence? Hell no.

View photos from the Raiders' Week 13 matchup against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium.

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