Greatest Moments in Raiders History

Greatest Moments in Raiders History


Greatest Moments in Raiders History is a series featuring some of pro football's greatest, most exciting games.

From dominance in three Super Bowl victories to improbable come-from-behind victories, the Raiders have been involved in some of professional football's most incredible moments.

Greatest Moments in Raiders History takes you back to the Silver and Black's last-second wins, the great comebacks, and the Raiders Super Bowl victories. Relive some of the greatest games ever played!

Series #DateOpponentTitle
101/09/77Minnesota VikingsSuper Bowl XI
201/25/81Philadelphia EaglesSuper Bowl XV
301/22/84Washington RedskinsSuper Bowl XVIII
412/18/76New England Patriots1976 AFC Divisional Playoff
512/21/69Houston Oilers1969 AFL Playoff
612/21/74Miami DolphinsSea of Hands
712/22/68Kansas City Chiefs1968 AFL Playoff
812/22/73Pittsburgh Steelers1973 AFC Divisional Playoff
912/24/77Baltimore ColtsGhost to the Post
1012/26/76Pittsburgh Steelers1976 AFC Championship
1112/27/70Miami Dolphins1970 AFC Divisional Playoff
1212/28/80Houston Oilers1980 AFC Wild Card
1312/31/67Houston Oilers1967 AFL Championship
1401/01/84Pittsburgh Steelers1983 AFC Divisional Playoff
1501/04/81Cleveland BrownsRed Right 88
1601/06/01Miami Dolphins2000 AFC Divisional Playoff
1701/08/83Cleveland Browns1982 AFC Wild Card Playoff
1801/08/84Seattle Seahawks1983 AFC Championship
1901/09/94Denver Broncos1993 AFC Wild Card Playoff
2001/11/81San Diego Chargers1980 AFC Championship
2101/12/02New York Jets2001 AFC Wild Card Playoff
2201/12/03New York Jets2002 AFC Divisional Playoff
2301/13/91Cincinnati Bengals1990 AFC Divisional Playoff
2401/19/03Tennessee Titans2002 AFC Championship
2509/10/78San Diego ChargersThe Holy Roller
2612/08/63San Diego Chargers31 in the 4th
2712/10/90Detroit LionsRaiders Tame Lions
2810/27/74San Francisco 49ersBattle of the Bay 1974
2911/17/68New York JetsThe Heidi Bowl
3001/02/94Denver BroncosPlayoff Pressure Cooker
3112/03/79New Orleans SaintsRaiders Go Marching In
3212/24/99New York JetsRaiders Ground Jets in Oakland
3309/12/76Pittsburgh SteelersComeback Classic
3411/22/82San Diego ChargersComeback Monday
3510/19/97Denver BroncosNapoleon Kaufman's Day
3610/05/86Kansas City ChiefsPlunkett Off the Bench
3710/10/93New York JetsEvans Rallies Raiders
3812/05/93Buffalo BillsRaiders Upset Bills
3912/02/84Miami DolphinsSquish the Fish
4009/10/00Indianapolis ColtsRaiders Shock Colts in Indy
4110/12/91Seattle SeahawksNorthwest Passage
4201/02/00Kansas City ChiefsInstant Classic
4312/26/92Washington RedskinsMerry Comeback
4410/19/70Washington RedskinsMonday Night First
4510/20/80Pittsburgh SteelersMonday Night Mayhem
4612/06/70New York JetsLast-Second Glory
4712/18/82Los Angeles RamsBattle for Los Angeles
4809/24/84San Diego ChargersRaiders Rally Past Chargers
4912/22/63Houston OilersRecord-Setting Day